David L. Rowell

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David L. Rowell is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a community organization known as the DJ Rowell Foundation. David acquired an athletic scholarship to Ohio Valley University. After college basketball, David had the opportunity to work as an intern with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which led him to participate in a cross country road tour for three years with one of America’s top Country music acts, Locash. After life on the road, Mr. Rowell turned his interests to entertainment. Since then, David has been successful with starting his own podcast. He has also found success as a inspirational speaker as well as an actor. His career path landed a lead role in a feature Christmas film that was released in December 2020 called, "Christmas in Carolina".

Christmas in Carolina Official Trailer
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"Christmas in Carolina" - Lead: Wesley Saxon

COM·PLI·CAT·ED Official  Trailer
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"COM•PLI•CAT•ED - TV Series" - Supporting: Jaylon Thomas

Actor | Philanthropist | Speaker