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Lucas Sanor

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Lucas Sanor is a DJ Saxophonist living in central Illinois.  After completing his PhD in genetics and molecular biology, he left behind a promising career as a research scientist to pursue a lifelong dream as a professional sax player.  While the pandemic was a roadblock to many musicians, Lucas was thrust into the street performance music scene when he began hosting outdoor concerts for the local entertainment-deprived graduate students. 

He is easily recognized by his smooth sounds, purple hair, and flashy pants throughout Illinois and Iowa where he plays covers of Top 40's hits from the 1960’s to 2020's.  Lucas loves leather jackets, all things 80’s retro, and his two favorite songs to play are “True” by Spandau Ballet and “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit.  

DJ + Saxophonist Nostalgia Rush Promo
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Still Into You Paramore Tenor Saxophone Cover
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"Still Into You" (cover)

DJ Saxophonist

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