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Marc Hoberman

Marc Hoberman, with 33+ years of experience as a certified life coach, virtual speaker, and live speaker has been working towards reforming the lives of children and their parents as an in-person and virtual speaker both in the US and nationally..  He specializes in helping people fight through sensitive issues such as the following: anti-bullying strategies, dealing with peer pressure, fighting and overcoming adversities in life, drug abuse prevention and ways to cope up with your struggles, and instilling team-building skills and enhancing communication.

Marc has a deep understanding of such subjects due to his childhood experiences. He fought against epilepsy as a 16-year-old teen, and life has been a journey that has included hardships, and he has learned how to deal with these struggles.

As a live speaker,  Marc focuses on engaging with teenagers who feel stuck in life, and he helps them manage their stress effectively. It is also difficult for parents to understand a child's perspective, which becomes a huge struggle for both the parent as well as the child.

During his sessions as a live and virtual speaker, Marc has been facilitating the thought processes of those who have lost their ability to manage their struggles appropriately. People who have a hard time communicating their issues or are clueless about the solution to their never-ending emotional issues find clarity and purpose from Marc's seminars. Marc Hoberman has empowered many people of various ages make better decisions and live better lives. 

Experienced guidance is essential for living a healthy life with purpose and confidence, and Marc Hoberman provides just that.

Marc Hoberman

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Motivational Speaker / Author / Trainer

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