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Olivia Dvorak

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Fine Artist

Olivia Dvorak (b. 1992) is a self-taught artist working and living in the midwest of the United States.

Dvorak’s intricate style lends itself to hyper-realistic detail through graphite. Beginning with a reference photograph, she is known to creatively bring out the lifelike features of animals and people, as well as the sharp lines of automobiles and planes. Focusing on elements of contrast, depth and texture, each subject becomes the striking focal point of the piece. The artist occasionally uses colored pencils in the eyes of both animals and individuals. Grey tones surrounding vibrant hues give these pieces a particularly arresting effect. Common to all her drawings is the white background that encompasses each character, leading to the perception of space, openness and stability in her work.  

Gaining recognition through commissions, Dvorak has restored hundreds of photographs of dogs, cats, people and special moments through pencil. She is passionate about the healing, joy and balance a piece of art brings to each home, as well as capturing the true essence of each figure she draws.