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Every event begins as a blank canvas. As creatives, White Train values the craft of using the paint brushes of audio and lighting to color and bring to life many different atmospheres and looks.

Venues are vast in nature, and no venue or situation is exactly the same. The way a space sounds acoustically will determine the amount of sound equipment that is needed and also the best placement. As a professional sound engineer with years of experience, Jeremy Rollefson, co-owner of White Train, is able to walk through the progression with each client to determine what each venue needs for reinforcement whether a space is large or small. On many summer occasions, festivities will be held outdoors. Sound disappears quickly outside, and this is another reason that White Train takes great care in using speakers, and enough reinforcement to cover vast areas so that spoken word or music is heard comfortably by each individual. Even after the audio equipment is set up, Jeremy is also trained to "tune" the sound to the room or space so that every guest is able to hear clearly without the pain of overly loud volume levels. White Train also provides their clients with one of world's top manufactured wireless systems to accommodate speeches and announcements during events. This wireless system is able to reach hundreds of feet, which eliminates the chance of sound cutting in and out due to overlapping frequencies competing with each other, even at an outdoor festivity.

Once the sound and audio is perfected for an event, lighting is an artistic way to bring more life, color and dimension to any gathering. White Train offers multiple lighting packages to suit the needs of any client's vision. Moving intelligent lights can roll across the floor, or stay stagnant in place to add texture and color. Light fixtures on a "lighting tree" can change moods or feel in a moment. Even uplighting can add the final finishing touch as twenty beams can shoot up a vast wall to apply an stunning spread of color.

The imagination is only the beginning when it comes to parties and events that will last and make memories. White Train understands the importance of not only excellent service, but the expertise and insight to turn a blank space into a audibly professional and visually beautiful experience.

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