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We have a passion for implementing the necessary technology for everyday life in rural communities. Boosting cellular coverage has been a tremendous success in improving the overall quality of life in many homes.

White Train is constantly working towards the best cell phone boosting solutions. We utilize the most powerful, state of the art equipment in our industry, and stay in communication with local broadcasting officials and multiple management teams who work with the biggest phone carriers across the country.

The common thread with all homes outside of the city is that they all experience natural and over-the-air frequency disruptions that inhibit their cell phone’s ability to communicate with the local towers. This is why we install commercial grade boosting systems that digitally push the location of a home miles closer to a selected tower. In return, that tower will prioritize the home’s location over cell phones in the area that are physically closer.

Our service areas include, but are not limited to, these Northern Wisconsin cities:

• Boulder Junction

• Presque Isle

• Winchester

• Manitowish Waters

• Land O’ Lakes

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