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W H I T E  T R A I N  M O V E S  B E Y O N D  D J I N G

A N D  P A S T  H O S T I N G .

T H E Y  P R O G R E S S  I N T O  T H E  L A R G E R

R E A L M  O F  E N T E R T A I N M E N T  T H R O U G H

E V E R Y  A S P E C T  O F  T H E I R  S E R V I C E S .


There are many aspects that go into a flawless ceremony, and Olivia and Jeremy care just as much about the moment a bride and groom says, “I do”, as they care about the hours of celebrating. Whether a ceremony is held in a vintage church or an outdoor vineyard, with years of sound engineering experience Jeremy specializes in forming clear and impactful sound at any venue. Even with the challenges of manipulating sound to cover the vastness of an outdoor event, White Train ensures that everything guests hear will match the beauty of any location. Olivia and Jeremy work as a team prior to the bride and groom walking down the aisle to guarantee songs from seating music to “after the big kiss” have a timely, musical effect. Olivia is present and available for any questions the parents or bridal party may have before they begin walking down the aisle. During the ceremony message the officiant is given a wireless headset for vocal clarity and esthetics, and also a wireless microphone for the vows. When it comes to these joyful and tear jerking moments, with Jeremy and Olivia’s expertise, every guest and family member will be able to enjoy the experience of watching and clearly hearing their loved ones start their lives together.


A reception is a time for celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. after a gorgeous occasion. Jeremy and Olivia are quick and efficient as they move from the intricacies of the ceremony to the big bash of a party. White Train provides multiple options when it comes to their production. Just as the quality of sound is important at the ceremony site, it is equally important at the reception. Jeremy’s occupation as a sound engineer has given him the ability to decipher exactly how much sound reinforcement is needed to cover an area and what production will work best with individual venues. White Train also uses different lighting packages to create elegant cocktail hours, vibrant first dances or energetic dance parties; the creativity starts with incredible lighting templates and a couple’s vision and imagination. Olivia and Jeremy are also active emcees and hosts throughout the night, so that the entire bridal party and parents can relax and know that the schedule is on point and taken care of. Olivia has the personality to engage people, announce a bridal introduction with confidence and energy, and communicate with other vendors efficiently. The duo are also on point and entertaining DJ’s; their personalities, song choices, musical blending, lighting design and ability to read a crowd makes them a perfect fit for any event.

L I V E  M U S I C

Music is an essential piece of art that adds dimension and dynamic to an event. Specializing in artist relations, White Train is able to connect their clients with musicians and bands of wide varieties of genres and experience. Whether a classical pianist is needed for a romantic ceremony, a string duet is the perfect fit for a cocktail hour or a cover band is necessary to bring timeless songs to a reception, White Train has access to a wide variety of entertainers and even celebrity personalities to make visions become a reality.

Co-owner of White Train, Olivia Dvorak, is a songwriter and Nashville recording artist who also specializes in performing and entertaining. Her warm and powerful voice mixed with her intricate guitar work and songwriting has captured thousands of audiences throughout her career. She has also touched many hearts with her music at private parties, rehearsal dinners and especially weddings. Adding the special touch of live music can make the day of a wedding move from beautiful to stunning. As an artist, Olivia has had years of experience perfecting her craft of drawing audiences in, creating moments and interpreting requested songs by brides and grooms with incredible insight and passion. Olivia offers her music for ceremonies, an energetic, classy cocktail hour and heartwarming special dances.


S O U N D   A N D   L I G H T I N G

White Train offers different options for sound and lighting that fits any venue or event. Jeremy specializes in both of these realms as a sound engineer and lighting designer. Every room and audience size is unique in nature, and Jeremy’s ear is trained to tune a sound system to fully and comfortably cover an area. He is also experienced in designing rigs to suit large formatted venues or intimate settings.  When a best man or maid of honor is giving a toast, each guest will be able to comfortabley listen from every area of the room.

Lighting is an artistic way to create a multitude of looks and textures during any part of an event. Whether there are many static LED fixtures lighting up a wall, a spotlight on a delicate cake or moving lights drifting into a spot lit first dance, lighting truly adds luxury and the “wow factor” to weddings. On the dance floor, visually stimulating lighting that is done tactfully will keep guests engaged and in the moment. When lighting and sound work together, a wedding becomes unforgettable.  

I T I N E R A R Y   A N D   C O O R D I N A T I N G

The day of a wedding is a crazy blur of laughter, love and excitement. Many brides and grooms along with their family members spend months upon months planning for each detail of the big day. Still, when it comes to the actuality of throwing the biggest party of their lives, the day can quickly become overwhelming. There isn’t always a designated coordinator to let grandparents know when to be escorted down the aisle, when to start bridal announcements or round up the bridal party after dinner and mingling to begin toasts. This is a reason White Train makes a special “day of itinerary” available that comes with a guide and general outline. Each couple can fill out day of the wedding details while adding their own creative spin and signatures. With the stimulus of planning, decorating and organizing, Olivia and Jeremy understand that a set up itinerary can take a load of pressure off. White Train is formulated to take visions and make them become a reality. Their services come with a client login that each couple can fill out online with professional support any time of the day.


Many couples decide to hire an event coordinator, and Olivia and Jeremy always work side by side with whoever plays a roll in making a wedding day perfect. As hosts, they stay on schedule and organized; they pair excellently with anyone who is in charge of the fine details. Whether or not there is a coordinator throughout the entire planning process, or if a couple decides to go with the flow, White Train is there to allow everyone involved with the celebration to simply do just that: celebrate and enjoy every moment.

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