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Actor | Musician

Thuliso Dingwall began acting the moment his parents said, “smile for the camera, Liso. His creativity began to reveal itself as a toddler, who turned into all types of pretend characters. The more they laughed and applauded, the more he wanted to perform. At the age of six, Thuliso (a family name that means “peacemaker”) decided to pursue acting opportunities and auditioned for Linda Townsend Management and became one of the “Young Professionals”. Studying regularly in Linda Townsend’s workshops quickly became apparent that he was gifted with a natural sense of timing and a desire to be exceptional. At school, on stage, he played lead roles in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Twelfth Night”, “Dark of the Moon”, “Macbeth”, “Romeo & Juliet-Romeo”, “Godspell”, “The Colored Museum–Ms. Roj”, and at Folger Theatre Washington, DC “Remember the Porter Individual Award” and Brian Cabe Award (Best in Show).

The camera became his best friend, and print assignments for magazines, brochures, and CD-ROMs, as well as on-camera commercials, radio spots, and voiceovers for Dannon Yogurt New York State Teachers Union, were added to his resume. Film credits include principal roles in educational and industrial films and a taste of the big screen in Warner Brothers, “Gods and Generals” and HBOs, “Something the Lord Made”, “Expandable”, “Sympathetic Details” and “Toe to Toe.”

Thuliso’s most challenging role was in the 4th season of HBO’s hit series, “The Wire”. He portrayed the recurring role of “Kenard”, a troubled adolescent trying to play the street game with the big boys. A challenging role where little feet are filling big shoes as he portrayed an inner-city child caught up in the tragedy of real life on the streets. When on camera, his energy and talents bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eyes.

Succeeding this role, Thuliso accepted other roles on episodic television series such as “Law and Order, Person of Interest, Unforgettable, and America Most Wanted.” On stage, in the play “Resurrection” by Daniel Beaty, he performed the role of “Eric”, a ten-year-old who was searching for a cure for the aching hearts of black people. This play was later selected for the Helen Hayes award.

Last year, he participated in the JB Dondolo organization first annual Music for Water (MFW) competition. His music received much praise and he became the second runner-up from the first 2020 MFW Contest to win a distribution deal with Grand Mountain International Records in Germany. The MFW contest opened his eyes, realizing how serious the need for water is worldwide. He decided to join the JB Dondolo Music for Water Honorary Board” to continue his support assisting raising funds for underserved communities who desperately need access to water. 
When not working in front of the camera, Thuliso loves singing, writing, and producing music projects. In the church, he participates in Youth Choir, and no matter how busy his schedule, he always finds time to volunteer feeding the homeless and raising funds for the homeless shelters.

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